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How the travel patterns changed during the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy

We present the Big Data movement analysis of 600.000+ vehicles driven throughout Italy, generated by using proprietary SpaceTime technology.

High school math in navigation application deployment

It would be naive to believe if your navigation software runs nice and smooth on a device type A, and somebody brings device type B that is run on the same operating system, that it will run equally smoothly.

Security in public transport

Public transport security solutions with an emphasis on the panic button and GNSS tracking.

Overview of congestion pricing systems

Pros and cons of GPS congestion pricing comparing to tolling gantries according to principles of efficient congestion pricing.

The Story of Bringing Genius Maps to CarPlay

On WWDC 2018 Apple announced third-party applications will be added to CarPlay; with a billion compatible devices on the market CarPlay was the way to go.

Mireo SpaceTime – an absurdly fast moving objects database

The SpaceTime database provides unprecedented analytical tools speed, sometimes outperforming other state-of-the-art solutions by three orders of magnitude.

Use Big Data analytics to fight and prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus

In these dramatic days of the Covid-19 virus emergency, governments and institutions are considering using Big Data analysis to combat the spread of the infection.

Picking up the bread crumbs

We take projections of the GPS position to the all nearby roads and intersections and consider them candidates for the actual (real-life) position.

Can GPS read your mind? AI predicts your next destination

We developed an AI which learns your driving patterns and can accurately predict your next destination based on current situation.

Are posted speed limits sometimes plainly wrong?

We questioned the credibility of posted speed limits using Big Data Analysis built in SpaceTime. We identified locations where...
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